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Appeal point1 of Yuhigaura Kaisyu

Voluminous meals will have you saying
Forget about that diet while you're with us. Eat to your satisfaction with our abundant and luxurious Kaiseki Ryori, Japanese banquet style meals.This is when guests have "turned into a sea lion after one night", meaning that they feel as full and relaxed as content sea lion basking in the sun after a good meal.More conversantly
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Appeal point of Kaisyu

We're situated north of the ancient capital Kyoto on the coastal shores of Yuhigaura, a place chosen as one of 100 places in Japan to see the most beautiful sunsets. You can see the deep azure color of the beautiful Sea of Japan from all of our rooms. Being able to provide all of our guests with ocean view rooms, access to the beautifying hot spring waters of the famous Yuhigaura Hot Springs, and generous meals with luxurious dishes gives us good reason to boast. When you relax in your room after a filling meal and soak in our hot springs you will experience the fashion and hospitality of Kaisyu.

matsuba crab


kani sashimi

Luxury! Our various winter crab dishes are astounding!
You won't believe your eyes at the amount of crab dishes as they appear one by one.   More conversantly
Filled with the bounty of the sea!
Also, we take advantage of being in an area blessed with abundant fishery where fresh seasonal seafood is caught right from the local sea area.
This lets us create delectable and fresh seafood dishes year round for our guests. More conversantly
tai Sea urchin of tango tajima beef rice

All rooms are ocean view

Yuhigaura beach

Appeal point3 of Yuhigaura Kaisyu

2min by foot, go direct to the beach in your swimsuit. Very close!
As seen from the guest rooms, the white sandy beaches of Yuhigaura coast stretches 8km long and is a popular beach destination.
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Appeal point2 of Yuhigaura Kaisyu

Make breathtaking scenery part of your memorable trip

Superb view landscape at evening in the Sea of Japan

All rooms are ocean view
See the Sea of Japan and stunning sunsets from your room!
Enjoy spectacular views from the tranquility of your traditional Japanese style room. More conersantly
Rooftop Observation Deck
In addition, you can also go to the observation deck on the roof to look out onto the Sea of Japan. More conversantly
In addition, you can also go to the observation deck on the roof to look out onto the Sea of Japan. The beauty of Yuhigaura coast is truly exceptional.

Appeal point of Yuhigaura Hot Spring

Bijin no Yu Yuhigaura Hot Spring
Bijin, meaning beauty, and Yu meaning hot spring, is a hot spring famous for the beautifying properties of its hot spring waters that reputedly leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky. Feel the sea breeze brush over you while you soak and relax in the open-air bath. You will be left feeling relaxed through to your core. More conversantly
Yuhigaura Hot Spring

Appeal point5 of Kaisyu

An at home hospitality

Celebrate your anniversary or special day at Kaisyu.
Weather it is a wedding anniversary or just so to celebrate your parents or grandparents, we at Kaisyu would like help you celebrate this joyous day. Please contact us to help plan your perfect surprise celebration.

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