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Take in the smells of the sea.
You won't be disappointed by the warm hospitality of Kaisyu.

Even our regulars are surprised by our dishes each time.

“Become a sea lion with one night in Kaisyu”
This phrase, that is now Kaisyu's slogan, is based on a poem left by a guest over ten years ago.
It expresses a "luxury meal of generous amounts".
We pride ourselves on a "warm leisurely "stay to make you feel at home.
In these blessed mountains and sea, enjoy views of awe inspiring sunsets and a wealth of fresh seafood only found here.

SashimiFermented soybean paste of crab

Even our regulars are surprised by our dishes each time. So much food, you'll have a hard time finishing it all!

Crab Seafood Beef Staff Oysters Eat till you're stuffed and then lie back and relax. Dishes filled with fresh catches from the sea
are the boasting points of Kaisyu's cuisine.
Our boat shaped platter loaded with luxurious seafood cuisine
Come with an empty stomach and big appetite!
The volume of Kaisyu's meals is well known, many guests come saying "We skipped lunch today because we'd be staying at Kaisyu."
Our boat shaped platter loaded with luxurious seafood cuisine is by far our most popular item.
In the case of groups of more than 3, the amount of sashimi overflows the boat.
Enjoy freshly caught fish in a splendid and pleasant atmosphere.
*Note: Sashimi dishes vary depending on the season.

Rich ingredients of

  • From April, June Seafood formal Japanese dinner in spring. More conversantly
  • From Jundex.htmlly, August  Seafood formal Japanese dinner in summer. More conversantly
  • From September, October Gourmet dish of autumn. More conversantly
  • From November, MarchWinter crab dish. More conversantly
PeriodFrom April, June

The sunset is very fantastic in spring.
The sound which is a wave at a sea and the room where you can get a bird's-eye view of the sunset, the holiday luxurious and good in BGM!

A luxurious gem equals. luxury meal of generous amounts.

Rare home-grown AWABI
A lineup of luxurious gems, such as rare abalone and colorful spring sea bream.
Good fish in spring

Red snapper in spring is called "Sakura Tai" from its color vividness, and is valued highly.

You can enjoy the red snapper best eaten only in this season.

PeriodFrom Jundex.htmlly, August
An event in summer is plenty!
After playing to the fullest, please eat a bold dish of this palace much.

wealth of fresh seafood only found here.
The fresh seafood which can have just been caught in the morning.
The fresh seafood which can have just been caught in the morning.
Iwa-gaki oysters so creamy and rich they'll melt in your mouth can only be enjoyed in the summer. Colorful arrangements of seasonal dishes will make your table top look like a jewelry box of gems.
Because it's fresh, it's possible.
A rock child of the food texture which is creamy, is thick and melts in the mouth can taste only summer season. It's effective in heat prevention in summer. Please also enjoy gusto meat of Japanese Cattle.
Oysters Oysters
PeriodFrom September, October
The ingredients which represent Japanese autumn are matsutake mushroom. Kaishuu doesn't end only with that.
I'll prepare fresh fish and good meat much.
In autumn of appetite, how long do you be eaten or challenge the limit!

The dish into which the tasto of the autumn and the gragranse were incorporated.

matsutake mushroom. dish of matsutake mushroom.
「Rare ear shell」AWABI
Dance baking of ear shell(Awabi) or meat steak of Japanese Cattle
Japanese expected,matsutake mushroom.
The food that best represents the taste Japan's autumn is Matsutake mushroom.
Enjoy the taste of Japan's autumn with this rich aromatic mushroom served in a steamed pot dish or hot rice.
Nonesuch! Tajima cattle.

The deep thick flavor is Tajima cattle of the feature.

Every time it's tasted, JU feels gravy is wide in the mouth short.

※ It'll be sometimes Kuroge Japanese Cattle by a plan.

Tajima meat. Tajima meat.
PeriodFrom November, March
The real pleasure of winter. This full course crab dinner boasts a volume too great to be finished.

Japanese winter attraction Eat crab full-course dinner.

KANI Dish of crab
Crab sashimi
The gusto which doesn't have to compare the sweetness which spreads in the mouth! The freshness is an outstanding gem.
「You can't finish eating!」That's a motto.
The volume which can't finish eating Kaisyu's crab full-course dinner is the guideline for which I'm providing.
9 kinds of dish to which a name of "crab" sticks is a course in crab zanmai.
A takeout is possible by the crab you can't finish eating♪.
Moreover to fresh sashimi and dessert.
Of a dish as a mega hood, it's various.

Kaisyu's special selection of ingredients and cuisine

Fish Crab Sweet shrimp Market

There are countless fishing ports in the Tango region, such as Tsuiyama, Kasumi, Asamogawa, Taiza and Miyazu located between Hyogo and Kyoto. Taking advantage of those nearby ports we create meals you can look forward to year round, filled with fresh seasonal catches.
Enjoy the ingredients of each season from the Sea of Japan through fresh seafood dishes from the Tango region.

Ear shell・Awabi

You can trust in Kaisyu

<Regarding food sanitation>
We put the importance of "food safety", "satisfactory flavor" and "safety for peace of mind" to ensure the best of meals for our guests.
It is also mandatory to create dishes that leave guests satisfied.
For these two reasons we take hygiene and safety seriously when preparing meals.

Eat,Play & Take it easy KAISYU